Tejas Chapter
Annual Bluebonnet Drive

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Planned by Lenny Zwik
Bluebonnet fans keep your fingers crossed for a bit more rain to help the wildflowers, but for fair weather on the day of the drive.

Yes, our Bluebonnet Drive is set for a later weekend than usual , but we hope to still catch the wildflowers in their prime. We will not miss out on the famous Willow City Loop or the scenic roads connecting Johnson City, Willow City, and Fredericksburg.

Lunch is planned at the Auslander restaurant in Fredericksburg.

8:30am - Meet at the "Y" in Oakhill (US 290 and SH 71), in the parking lot in front of Gatti's;
(get directions)

Driver meeting at 8:45am;

Take off driving at 9:00am.

Coffee and bathrooms are available at several locations nearby.

Our drive will include back roads to Johnson City, with a rest stop planned at the Stripes Gas Station on the north side of Johnson City off of US 281. We will be at Stripes around 10:00 - 10:30.

Next will come the heart of the drive through the scenic roads northwest of Johnson City enroute to the Willow City Loop.

From there, cruise into Fredericksburg for lunch at The Auslander restaurant with an arrival time of NLT 1 pm.

(More info)

If you have a two-way FRS radio, bring it. They enhance the enjoyment of the drive!

Who attended

Year Model People Meet
Year Model People Meet
Bruce & Lenore Alfredson 2016 428i 2 Austin Jeffrey & Debra Lantz 2013 135i 2 Johnson City
Randolph & Sherry Ann Allen 2003 328i 3 Austin Herb Looney 2015 435i 1 Johnson City
Kathleen Anglin 2013 328i 2 Austin David & Chungnam Lucia 2014 650i 3 Austin
Josh Butts 2006 Z4M 2 Austin Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2015 M4 2 Austin
Jennifer Davis 2001 M5 2 Austin Michael Miranda 2013 320i 2 Austin
David & Mollie Francis 2006 Z4 Cpe 2 Austin Collin & Lizzie Nowak 2007 328xi 2 Austin
Ron Gielow 2004 M3 2 Austin Phil Nybro 2007 328i 1 Austin
Paul Goldfine 1991 318is 1 Austin Al & Angel Ridgley 1987 325i 2 Austin
Ricardo Gomez 2006 330i 1 Austin Raquel Robles 2013 X1 1 Austin
Greg Gonzales 2007 335i 2 Austin Vincent Robles 2013 128i 1 Austin
Alex Greer 2014 328i 2 Austin David & Alexandra Roseman 2014 M5 2 Johnson City
Brandon & David Hardiman 2013 M5 2 Austin Kurtis & Maggie Seebaldt 2015 428i 2 Austin
Derek & Tiffany Hinch 2016 M3 2 Austin Stephen & Jewell Wuichet 2006 330i 2 Austin
Mike Jackson 2015 M3 2 Johnson City Carlos Zorrilla 2011 Z4 1 Austin
Mark Kramer 1997 M3 1 Austin Lenny Zwik 2015 M4 1 Austin
Selva Kulasingam 1997 M3 4 Austin Total 31 57 A-27; J-4