Tejas Chapter
High Performance
Driving School
at Harris Hill Road Race Track (H2R)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Join the Tejas Chapter, BMW CCA on March 19, 2011, at Harris Hill Road (H2R) in San Marcos, TX!
H2R is an engaging and challenging race track, making it a great place to learn the skill of high-performance driving from the dedicated team of experienced Tejas Chapter instructors. You'll go home with skills you can use on the roads every day as well as some great memories of laps at this wonderful racetrack.

When: March 19, 2011
7:00am - Gates and registration open (registration must be completed by 8:30am)
8:00am - All hands meeting
8:30am - Instructor meeting
8:30am - All driver's meeting - led by classroom instructor. (If you miss the meeting, you don't drive)
9:00am to 12:00pm - Track hot
9:00am - Novice student classroom session (instructors reconnaissance on track)
12:00pm to 1:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm to 5:00 - Track Hot

Where is H2R located? The track is located in San Marcos, Texas. Just take I-35 26 miles south of Austin and 55 miles north of San Antonio to exit 210, go east on Yarrington Road for 1.5 miles, then go right on Harris Hill Road. H2R is down the road one mile on the left. (Get Directions)

Registration Requirements:
Last day to register online: Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011. On track participants (students) will be limited to the first 45 registrants (may be increased later, but don't count on it). Register early to insure your spot. If you are interested in and experienced with instructing please contact Jeff Conner

School requirements:
To participate on track, your car must be registered, your car must have a tech inspection, you must be a licensed driver, 18 years of age or older and you must be a BMW CCA member to be eligible to participate.

Cost: $195 for members and $245 for non-members (the non-member price includes a non-refundable one-year BMW CCA membership). Lunch and water are included in the cost.

Helmets: Snell SA2000 and M2000 or newer helmets are required.

Convertibles: Convertibles are defined by BMW CCA as cars with retractable tops, whether soft-top or folding hardtop. These are the rules that have been set in place by the Tejas Chapter in accordance with the BMW CCA national standards. Every open topped car must be equipped with roll over protection. Additionally, the car must be equipped with a 5 or 6 point harnesses and arm restraints for driver and passenger. This means you need to install a 5 or 6 point harness and arm restraints for you and the instructor. Finally, the roll bar must clear the occupants' helmets by 2" in a straight line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the windshield. This will be measured before going out on track.

Tech Inspection: The required Tejas Chapter BMW CCA tech form is available here

Spectators and Helpers:
You do not have to participate on the track to attend this event. Spectators are welcome and we also need people to assist with running of the event. If you want to attend as a spectator or assist, please fill out the RSVP form below. Passengers are not permitted in student cars, but may be allowed in Instructor cars during the Instructor Group runs at the discretion of the Instructor. Legal helmet is required.

We have opened up two new ways for you to participate in the on-track experience:

If you are attending the event but are not able to participate due to rules, you can still enjoy the on-track experience in one of two ways for only $25.

  • We will be offering parade laps during the lunch break, where any car can drive at lower speed around the track. No helmets are required. Convertibles are welcome and you will be following the lead of one of the Tejas Chapter event staff. Payment will be taken on the day of the event - cash or check only. This is the format that we did the last time we were at Harris Hill Road.
  • If you're truly seeking a thrill, you can take a ride in an instructor's car 'at speed' for a session, where you will experience the true performance of a well-driven vehicle. Helmets will be required, but H2R has limited helmets that they can loan. Due to the limited availability of instructor ride-alongs, sign ups will be taken at the track on a first come, first served basis. Payment will be taken on the day of the event - cash or check only.

People will sign up for the two add-ons separately. We hope this will allow some more people the ability to share in the on-track experience.

For all participants - everyone that attends the event must sign the insurance waiver. There is a separate waiver for minors which must be signed by both parents.

Who attended

Year Model People Instructor/
Year Model People Instructor/
Mohammed Abusalih 2010 135i 1 D Christian Knaak 2000 M5 1 D
Russell Adams 2009 M3 1 D Joe Lamping 1996 M3 1 I
Bob Ashenbrenner 2000 M5 1 D John Lebowitz 2011 135i 1 D
Kevin Ashworth 1994 325 1 I Jacy Legault 2009 M3 1 I
Ron Bibb ? ? 1 I Robert Lewandowski 1999 323i 1 D
Craig Bennion 1991 325 1 D Herb Looney 2006 M3 Conv 1 V
Don Bishop 2007 Z4 Cpe 1 D Todd Maker 2007 M Cpe 1 -
Dawn Bissell 2008 135i 1 D Terry Marquis 2006 Mini 1 I
Randy Bissell 2008 135i 1 I Jacek Materna 2008 Lancer 1 D
Peter Blanton 2008 ? 1 D Alton Mays 1992 Miata 1 I
Kirk Brown 2004 Z4 2 - Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2006 M3 2 V
Klaus Brown 1971 2002 1 D David Meads 2003 M3 4 -
Pierre Bulhon 2005 ? 1 D James Millard 1992 850i 2 D
Josh & Kathryn Butts 2006 M Rdstr 2 V Dorothy Morgan 2008 328i 1 D
Linda Cavazos 2011 135i 1 V Phil Nybro 2007 328i 1 D
Eric & Roni Chang 2003 330i 2 V Carl Nybro 2010 328i 1 D
Randy Clarke 2007 Z4 Cpe 1 D Zachary Parker 1993 328iS 1 I
Jeff Conner 1995 M3 1 I Jeff Pautler 1998 M3 1 D
Tim & Linda Cook 2006 M Rdstr 2 V Steve Pedersen 2001 M Rdstr 1 V
Marco Cordon 2007 Z4 1 V Dwight Richter 2009 Mini 1 D
Marco Cordon III 2007 M Cpe 1 D Gene Rimmer 2009 Mini 1 D
Clay Dearman 1998 M3 1 D Mike Sevel 2003 Z4 1 V
Neil Dielman 2008 335i 1 D Chris Soignier 2008 M3 1 I
Todd Ditmire 2000 Boxster 1 I John Stevens 1999 M3 1 D
Joel Dolisy 2011 M3 1 D Richard Soule 2006 Lotus 1 I
Kaan Erdener 1998 M3 1 D Lee Sutterfield 2009 Mini 1 D
Ray Gay 1995 325 1 V Colin Tan 1999 Miata 1 I
Allan Gazza 2008 135i 1 I Christopher Tsay 1988 M3 1 D
Matthew Goh 2006 M Cpe 1 - Mark Turk 2008 M3 1 D
Alan & Jan Greene 2007 335ci 2 V Karl Van Shellenbeck 1997 M3 1 D
Bill Hayes ? 325iS 1 D Mike Van Shellenbeck 1995 M3 1 D
Bruce Heersink 1988 M3 1 I Rich Warwick 1999 Miata 1 I
Kristopher Hicks-Green 2006 330i 1 D Jay West 2011 135i 2 -
Michael Johnson 2000 Porsche 1 I Mark Williams ? ? 1 I
Anup Joseph 2006 325i 1 D Roger Williams 2000 M Rdstr 1 V
Marcos Juarez 2001 540i 1 D Barry Wolff 2005 Birkin S3 1 I
          Total - 81 Instructor - 19
Driver - 36
Volunteer - 19