Tejas Chapter
Texas Autobahn Tour

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Planned by Josh Butts
We will meet at Cabela's in Buda on Saturday April 20th at 8:30am. After a quick driver's meeting at 8:45, we'll depart at 9:00 sharp. There is gas and food in the near vicinity to Cabela's, but not directly adjacent, so fuel up before you meet us in the parking lot.

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Central Texas is now home to a road with the highest posted speed limit in the Western hemisphere. The southern leg of SH-130 has 85mph speed limits through miles of wide open country and brand new asphalt. On this trip we'll sample some of the best it has to offer, before heading North into the Hill Country. SH-130 is an "all-toll" road, so we will have to pay for the privilege. For the sections we'll cover en-route, the tolls are approximately $9 if you have a TxTag already on your car, and about $12 if you don't. If you don't have a tag, you'll get a bill for it in the mail from TxDOT. Either way, no cash or change is needed, we just cruise on through the toll plaza at full speed. For more information on how this works, check out http://www.txtag.org and http://mysh130.com. After exiting SH-130, we'll take a pit stop south of Kyle.
Our ultimate destination for the day is Jester King Craft Brewery (http://jesterkingbrewery.com).

Jester King is an authentic farmhouse-style brewery located at Ceres Park Ranch just off 290, south of Austin (we actually drove right past it on the Blue Bonnet drive last month!). Jester King makes variety of beers from extremely dark to extremely light, and all are USDA Organic certified, brewed from hill country well water and fermented with naturally occurring yeast.

Immediately adjacent to the brewery is a covered pavilion and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza, who will be cooking lunch for us. They have a nice selection of pizzas for all tastes. They are 12" pizzas and if you're hungry, you can polish one off yourself, or if you're in the mood for a lighter lunch you can split one. We will take your lunch order (at the latest) when you check in at the driver's meeting and forward it on to Stanley's before we leave.

If you can, please go ahead and pick your pizza when you RSVP so we can organize ahead of time. They will have it all coming out just as we arrive around 11:45. They'll have our order list handy, and you can pick up your pizza by name and pay Stanley's directly. Stanley's is a separate entity from Jester King, so they can legally sell you a pint with your pizza if you like, and they also have Izze sodas, water, tea, and Zilker Park Cola available.

After lunch, feel free to enjoy the grounds of the ranch and take in the brewery. Because of the artisan nature of what they do, Jester King has different beers for sample every weekend. If you'd like, you can do a tasting for $10 which allows you to taste usually 10 beers and comes with a Jester King glass that you get to keep. The tasting is done at your leisure, and just enjoying the ambiance is key to the experience. At 1:30, there is short tour that you can join if you're interested.

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
Joaquin Aviles 2012 135i 2 Antonio Jajou 1999 M Cpe 2
John Beneat 2011 M3 1 Mike Keung 2012 328i 1
Scott Bowman 2011 1M 2 Herb Looney 2006 M3 1
Josh Butts 2006 M Rdstr 2 Larry & Christine Martin 2001 540i 2
Ken Carson & Connie Stried 1999 M Rdstr 2 Michael McBride 2013 335i 1
Paul Coppala 2007 M Cpe 1 Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2006 M3 2
Marco & Mary Beth Cordon 2013 M3 2 Philip Nybro 2007 328i 1
Tom & Gay Dawson 2010 Z4 2 Jay West 2011 135i 2
Alan & Jan Greene 2013 335i 2 Total 17 28