The Woodrose Food and Wine Pairing

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Planned by Glenn & Sandy McConnell

Start Time: 10:30am

Meeting location: Come join us for a drive and wine & food at Woodrose Winery in Stonewall, TX. We will meet at the HEB in San Marcos at 641 E Hopkins Street. There are 2 HEB locations on Hopkins Street and we will be at the one closer to IH35
(get directions)

Drivers Meeting: 10:45am

Leave Meet Site: 11:00am

This will be a leisurely drive that will take us 57.9 miles from San Marcos out to RR12 to Devil's Backbone (FM 32) and then from Blanco via RM1623 to Stonwall and Woodrose Winery.

Get your maps for the drive here.
Maps will not be handed out at the event.

Woodrose Winery
662 Woodrose Ln
Stonewall, TX 78671


Every Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:00 pm Woodrose Winery features a 6-course food and wine pairing that they call the Passport Series.

The cost is $25/person for a pairing of 6 Woodrose wines with 6 delicious foods from that country.

The Passport Series will cover Italy, France, Spain, United States, and Germany. Check out the date you would like to visit for the specific menu.

Current Plan: (Subject to Change by Chef)

February - March: Italian

April - June 4th: French (Except May 7th-Spain)

June 11 - June 25th: Spanish

July - August: U.S. BBQ's

September - October: German

November - December: Italian


Black bean, Corn, & Barley Casserole

Shoyu Chicken - Hawaii

Pulled Pork - North Carolina

Smoked Salmon - Alaska

Brisket / Sausage - Texas

Blackberry Tequila Cobbler - Georgia

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
Sidney Anderson 2008 335i 1 Jeffrey Lantz 2013 135i 2
Tom Brown 1995 325i 2 Herb Looney 2015 435i 1
Josh Butts 2016 M3 1 Luke & Carol Lowery 2001 740 2
Jonna Clark & Brad Mitchell 2011 M3 2 David & Chungnam Lucia 2014 650i 2
Tom & Gay Dawson 2015 435i 2 Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2015 M4 2
Angel Espinoza 2007 Z4M 1 Jeffrey & Davi McKinnie 2012 Z4 2
Bob Heimann 2010 Z4 2 Philip Nybro 2007 328i 1
Mike Jackson 2015 M3 1 Raquel Robles 2013 X1 1
Terry Jones 2016 M235 2 Vincent Robles 2013 128i 1
        Total 18 27