Tejas Chapter

Fun Rally

Saturday, June 21, 2014

planned by Mary Beth Cordon and Corey Pallatto Hughan

Do you have the Need for Speed? Are you ready to Drive and be Gone in 60 Seconds? Or maybe you’re less Gumball Rally and more Driving Miss Daisy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, stopping next to a Rolls-Royce to ask for Grey Poupon. Either way, wheels and films alike will be rolling at the Texas Cinema Starplex during this summer blockbuster event: The Fast and the Furious Fun Rally 2014!

Clues will guide this Great Race, this Italian Job pulled with Germany's finest – no Planes, Trains, or Love Bugs allowed! Whether you're Bullitt, Greased Lightning, or the General Lee, don't get caught out asking yourself, "Dude, Where's My Car?" –make sure it's part of the big picture. Just keep a watchful eye out for the likes of Car 54 and KITT. Ka-chow!

Who: You and your navigator. Smokeys participating without their Bandits do so at their own risk.

Where: Meet at the Texas Cinema Starplex in San Marcos (1250 Wonder World Dr). (get directions)

Those who reach the end will enjoy lunch at a restaurant.

When: Registration at 9:30 am. Driver briefing at 10:00 am and then first car out. The rally is designed to last approximately 2 hours, but your time depends entirely on YOU! Should the need arise, the navigator makes an excellent scapegoat.

Cost: Lunch will be a flat rate $22 per person for all you can eat fajitas at a popular Mexican restaurant, including sides and soft drinks. Participants are also advised to have a small amount of cash in their wallet for the event (under $5) "just in case". We will collect the $22 at the meeting location at the start of the event.

Prizes: 1st to 3rd Experienced, 1st to 3rd Novice, and Dead Last…But Finished.

Preparation: Start the rally “full, full, empty”: full stomach, full tank of gas, empty bladder. And bring a camera!

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
Randolph Allen III 2006 550i 2 Herb Looney 2006 M3 1
Daniel & Sean Briggs 1998 325iC 2 Joe Lupo 2011 1M 2
Linda Cavazos 2011 135i 1 Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2006 M3 2
Marco & Mary Beth Cordon 2013 M3 2 Casey McKee 2011 Z4 2
Tom & Gay Dawson 2010 Z4 2 Carl Nybro 2010 328i 4
Jason Echols 2011 M3 2 Philip Nybro 2007 328i 2
Ben & Katie Eckermann 2008 335i 2 John Price 2006 330Ci 2
David Houston 2011 328i 2 Robert & Nicholas Ustruck 1987 635CSi 2
Jane Ireland 2000 Z3 1 Total 17 33