Memorial Bimmer Drive

May 22, 2010

Event Planned by Sridhar Kamma

Our Memorial Bimmer drive event is being hosted in May as part of the Memorial Day remembrance. The tour includes museums that display artifacts from the world wars and some of greatest innovations in artillery and machinery that paved the way for building some of the finest engines and cars that we drive today, and the BMW marquee itself that was born from the world war era from building engines for war planes.

Meeting point
  • We will meet at Walmart Super Center in San Marcos at 8:00am
  • Walmart Address: San Marcos Hwy, San Marcos, TX 78666 (get directions)
  • Drivers meeting: 8:30am
  • Leave Walmart parking lot: 8:45am
  • Arrive at Commemorative Air Force Museum at San Marcos Airport at 9:00am

Commemorative Air Force Museum
Since BMW roots originated from building airplane engines, and serving in the World wars, we will start our tour at the Centex wing ( and, touring the hanger and the museum and looking at some of the historic war planes up close. Aircraft on display include a B-25 Yellow Rose bomber, Bell P39 Airacobra, a Japanese, Kate Torpedo Bomber and a Zero (replicas built for the movie Tora, Tora, Tora), L-4 and L-8 Liaison aircraft, an American T-34 Mentor trainer, a PT-17 Stearman WW II trainer, a Chinese Yak-18 trainer and a Lockheed T-33 jet trainer. Several Allison 1710, V-12 aircraft engines are also on display.

Entrance to the hanger and museum is free, but $3 donations are recommended to the Centex Wing and would be greatly appreciated, and will help them keep those great planes flying. Also, they can arrange rides in the B-25 if anyone is interested, for discounted rates for our club.

More info on the B-25 “Yellow Rose” rides:
The Centex Wing will offer a special reduced price for the BMW Tejas Chapter club members and the guests!

The B-25 can seat up to seven passengers, in addition to the required flight crew of three. If our club members and their guest can fill all seven seats, they will offer us at a reduced price of $295 each.

The FAA waiver that allows them to offer this historical ride experience requires that all participants be members of the Commemorative Air Force. Full membership is not required, a "Supporting Membership" fills the requirement of the waiver, and is only $55. This membership is good for a year, and includes free admission to the CAF museum in Midland, a membership card, and a year subscription to the CAF Dispatch online magazine. Should someone already hold a form of CAF membership, this extra $55 will not apply.

The ride experience includes a briefing from a flight crew member on what to expect on the flight, how to enter and exit the B-25 bomber, and how to move about inside when in flight. The Yellow Rose has been modified in a special way which allows easy movement from the tail gunner's position to the bombardier station in the plexiglass nose. The ride will last approximately 20 - 30 minutes, long enough to allow all who wish to move from the nose to the tail enough time to spend a few moments at each position. The views from the plexiglass nose will be breathtaking! More info about the B-25 Yellow Rose can be found here

They encourage us to bring our cameras as we have a lot to take photos of in the hangar, and riders will want their picture taken during the flight!

We will complete the tour with a photo shoot with some of the airplanes, or with our cars parked alongside the B-25 Yellow Rose war plane.

We will leave at 11:00am from the CAF Museum and will take the scenic roads across hill country and arrive at Sisterdale Café in Sisterdale about 12:30pm. Sisterdale Café is owned by Donna Browne who is a renowned chef from Central Texas, and her hamburgers were listed as one of the best in Texas in the Texas Monthly magazine. We will have lunch at the Sisterdale café and bar.

Special menu for our group: Spaghetti & meatballs, salad, garlic bread and dessert. Ice tea will be included. The cost per plate will be $15.00 (Tips not included)

Or you can order anything from her regular menu - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches with tuna salad, chicken salad, and egg salad all on a wheat or white roll. You can order your choice of soft drinks

Please RSVP for special menu or if you like to go with the regular menu. The count for special menu will help Donna prepare for our group.

We will have our lunch in the room that will be setup for us in the bar next door.

National Museum of Pacific War
After lunch, at 1:30pm we will drive to the National Museum of Pacific War (more info) in Fredericksburg. Originally named The Admiral Nimitz Museum and housed solely in the historic Nimitz Hotel, the Museum has grown into a dynamic, first-class experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all backgrounds. In addition to nearly 74,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space, the museum boasts an impressive display of Allied and Japanese aircraft, tanks, guns and other large artifacts made famous during the Pacific War campaigns. The museum will be open till 5.00pm.

Admission fee: $8.00

The memorial bimmer tour ends at the museum and you are free to stay and browse the artifacts in the museum until close, or take a tour on the main street in Fredericksburg.

Please bring your 2-Way radios if you have, and will be a great for communication when driving and help us to keep the group together.

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
Graham Bishop 2009 750i 1 Sridhar Kamma 2009 M3 1
Jim & Felicia Blue 1985 635CSi 2 Mary Lou & Harris Katchen 1999 Z3 2
Tom Brown 1995 325 2 Brandin Lea 2000 540i 2
Herb Carey 2000 Z3 2 Herb Looney 2002 330Ci 1
Ken Carson & Connie Stried 1993 325iC 2 Jeff Lopau 2004 545i 1
Linda Cavazos 2008 Si 4 Daniel Mazza 2001 330Ci 1
Eric & Roni Chang 2003 330i 2 Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2006 M3 3
Tim & Linda Cook 2006 M Rdstr 2 Mike & Jean Sevel 2003 Z4 2
Marco & Mary Beth Cordon 2007 Z4 2 Bharat Shah 2009 335d 4
Hugh & Nancy Fisher 1987 325iS 2 Robin Smith 2004 330i 4
Allan Gazza 2008 135i 1 Javier Torres 1988 M3 2
Paul Goldfine 1991 318iS 2 Roger Williams 2000 M Rdstr 1
Alan & Jan Greene 2007 335i 2 Donald & Susan Yule 1998 M Rdstr 2
Skip Jones 2007 550i 2 Total 27 54