Tejas Chapter
Annual Bluebonnet Drive

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Planned by Linda & Tim Cook
9:00am - Meet at the "Y" in Oakhill (US 290 and SH 71), in the parking lot in front of Planet Fitness;
(get directions)
Driver meeting at 9:20am; Take off driving at 9:30am.

Coffee and bathrooms are available at several locations nearby.

Then take a nice drive on 290 and hill country back roads to Johnson City for a coffee/bathroom break.

Proceed to do the Willow City Loop, and flower viewing.
Highway 16 back to Fredricksburg / Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant.
This drive is a favorite among our members.
Have lunch at Mamacitas in Fredricksburg
(more info)
(have reserved a room for our group at Noon, separate checks are fine, avg plate is $8.00-9.00).

Parking is available in the lot off of Elk Street, behind Mamacitas. Some may want to park at the Visitors Center which is two blocks to the west of the restaurant.

Spend about 2 hrs in Fredricksburg, eating, then walking the main drag, window shopping in downtown, ice cream, etc.

Group gathers at 2:00pm on the corner of Elk and Austin Dr, (the intersection behind Mamacitas), to drive to the Wildflower Center 7 miles out Hwy 290 from Mamacitas in for wine tasting, flower seeds, pottery, gift shop, etc...
(more info)
Organized trip ends.

There should be several peach stands and 2-3 wineries on Hwy 290 going back toward Johnson City for those that want to stop.

The Texas state flower, the Bluebonnet, is always in abundance in the Hill Country, especially in early spring.

We want each car to bring a joke, written on a paper, to tell at lunch when we will vote for "who had the best joke"

If you have a two-way radio, bring it. They enhance the enjoyment of the drive!

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
David Blake 1996 Z3 2 Antonio Jajou 1999 M Cpe 2
Daniel Briggs 2010 Mini 2 David Jurkowski 2007 Z4 Cpe 1
Josh & Kathryn Butts 2006 M Rdstr 2 Mary Lou Katchen 1999 Z3 2
Steve & Lee Anne Butts 2005 645Ci 2 David Mann 1998 Z3 2
Ken & Connie Carson 1993 325iC 2 Daniel Mazza 2001 330Ci 1
Linda Cavazos 2011 135i 1 Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2001 Z3 2
Jonna Clark 2003 M3 1 Brian McKinney 2008 M3 2
Tim & Linda Cook 2006 M Rdstr 2 Chris Mendez 2005 M3 2
Marco & Mary Beth Cordon 2007 Z4 2 Brad Mitchell 2001 Z3 1
Tom & Gay Dawson 2010 Z4 2 Sergio Murillo 2011 M3 3
Dave & Deena Elyea 2011 M3 2 Jon Nolting 2006 X3 2
Paul Goldfine 1991 318is 2 Al Ridgley 1987 325i 2
Alan & Jan Greene 2011 128cic 2 Mike & Jean Sevel 2003 Z4 2
Ted & Vanessa Haschke 2007 328i 2 Ted Veino 2001 530i 4
Steve Heyman 2004 330cic 4 Jay West 2011 135i 2
David Ho 2008 M3 1 Roger Williams 2000 M Rdstr 1
Bill & Wendy Hoch 2007 Z4 2 Mike Wood 2002 M Rdstr 1
         Total 34 65