Harris Hill Road
Track Day

Saturday, February 23, 2008
8:30am - 1:30pm

We will have a very unique opportunity. In case you are not aware of it, we have a fantastic new ROAD RACING facility being built right in our backyard, called Harris Hill Road. (more info)

Harris Hill Road is located on the northern outskirts of San Marcos. Track length is just under two miles and has numerous elevation changes. Bo Rivers, the owner/developer and prior owner of "Lotus of Austin" has invited us down for a day of experiencing his new facility. The track is currently open only to founding members, so, this is truly a unique one- time opportunity.

Whether you are a hard-core weekend warrior race fanatic, or someone who has never set foot (or tire) on an autocross course or a road-course, this promises to be an exciting and fun event.

This event is open to members and non-members with registered street legal cars OR race prepped cars with mufflers (The city of San Marcos has noise level restrictions; max about 95 DB 30 feet behind your car). Helmets are required if you travel greater than 50 mph. If you don’t have a helmet, you will need to borrow one or you will be placed in the 50mph group. (We are trying to poll people for extra helmets)


High Speed Group:

  • All drivers must wear a helmet on the track
  • There will be an instructor in every car on the track, until cleared solo by the instructor
  • Convertibles without approved rollbars will not be permitted to participate (factory roll bars are approved)
  • Max speeds will be 80-90 mph

For those cars not complying with the rules above, including convertibles without roll bars, the speed limit on the track will be 50MPH!!

We will be running the cars in groups based on novice, intermediate, and advanced experience levels. We will have a fourth group for the under 50MPH crowd. We are hoping to have 15 instructors.

  • All cars will be inspected before being allowed on the track
  • Participant must check tire pressures prior to arriving at the track
  • No passing will be allowed.
  • Participant must check tire pressures prior to arriving at the track
  • Remove loose objects in the car/trunk at the track

Be at the track at 8:30AM to check-in. This event will start promptly at 9:00AM and end at 11:30 on February 23rd. There will be a brief meeting and then we will do ~10 to 15 laps building speed as we progress followed by a return to pit lane for a brief break and to answer any questions. Everyone will then be allowed out on the track for one or two laps depending on the time schedule.

Where is H2R located? The track is located in San Marcos, Texas. Just take I-35 26 miles south of Austin and 55 miles north of San Antonio to exit 210, go east on Yarrington Road for 1.5 miles, then go right on Harris Hill Road. H2R is down the road one mile on the left. (Get Directions)

As an intro, Bo Rivers is NOT charging the normal $150 per car track fee!!
We will gather for lunch at Grin's in San Marcos after the track event.

Who attended

Year Model People
Year Model People
Chris Alberts 2005 Mini S 3
Mark Baran 2007 M Rdstr 1
Linda Cavazos 2006 330i 1
Linda Cook 2006 M Rdstr 2
Jerry Cuderman 1986 355 2
Richard Cutler 2004 VW 1
Chris Dupes 1998 318ti 1
Wayne Eltringham 1996 Z3 2
Paul Goodwin 2001 Z3 1
Phillip & Peggy Harris 2006 M5 2
Bradley Hindelang 2001 M3 2
Lane Holloway 2001 M5 1
Travis Kyle 1994 325i 4
Randy Martin 1996 328iS 2
David McDaniel 1998 328iS 1
Sean McElheny ? ? 1
Philip Nybro 2007 328i 2
Rahul Patel 1994 525i 3
Jeff Pautler 1998 M3 2
Scott Pigford 1995 M3 1
Harvey & Anne Reiter 2006 Z4 2
Ronald Romonosky 2002 M5 1
Bruce Uphaus 1998 M3 1
Kenneth White 2000 M5 1
Donald Yule 2008 335iCV 2
 Total - -  Total 25 42
John Bunda & Leona Sleptis 2003 M3 2 Jeff Adolph 1988 M5 2
David Chang 1997 M3 1 Martin Bishop 2000 M5 1
Brian Collins 1998 M3 1 Richard Ceraldi 2004 Mini S 1
Hugh Fisher 1987 325iS 1 Fred Egloff 1992 318i 2
Nathan Fong 2001 330i 1 Ken Hollins 2002 Z8 1
David Houston 2006 M Rdstr 1 Steve Hollins 2001 S2000 1
Peter Lang 1999 M Cpe 2 Frank Horton 2004 645 1
Bob Lewandowski 1999 323i 1 Michael Hsu 2007 Cayman 1
James Millard 1991 850i 1 Jack Laumer 1999 M Rdstr 2
Judy Nelson ? 968 1 David Nelson ? D962 1
Jon Overholser 2001 325Ci 1 Terry Sayther ? ? 1
Malcolm Pigford 2003 M3 1 Jim Smith 2003 M3 2
A.J. Ranft 2006 550 1 Derek Soltes 1990 325i 1
Dick White 2000 540i 1 Steve Turpin 2007 Z06 1
 Total 14 16  Total 14 18
Frazier Newlin 1988 M3 2 Robert Garcia 1987 325iC 2
Jess Rolan 2006 BMW 1 Herb Looney 2002 330Ci 1
Gina Silvestri & Geraud Martin 2007 X3 2
Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2004 330i ZHP 2
Joe Robertson ? ? 2
Claude & Jo Ann Welles 2006 550i 2
 Total 2 3  Total 6 11