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BMW CCA Number: 480725

Member since: 2015

Email Address: carlo.alvarez@utexas.edu

Car Info: 1987 325iS, red

Purchased Car: 2018

Factory Options: Power Windows

Modifications: M50 Engine

Carlo Alvarez

Member: Sue & Jose Valladares

BMW CCA Number: 535571

Member since: 2017

Email Address: Lvphotogallery@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2006 330ci, Silver

Purchased Car: 10/22/2017

Factory Options:


Member: Joseph Nielsen

BMW CCA Number: 534296

Member since: 2017

Email Address: Jpnielsen@pkndev.com

Car Info: 1984 325e, Alpine White

Purchased Car:

Factory Options: Power windows, power sunroof


Member: Dexter Kelble

BMW CCA Number: 516993

Member since: 2016

Car Info: 2004, 330ci, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 03/01/2014

Factory Options: ZHP

Modifications: "stock-ish"

Member: Michael Johnson

BMW CCA Number: 518616

Member since: 2016

Email Address: mljohnson1@swbell.net

Car Info: 2013, 328i, Silver

Purchased Car:

Factory Options: M-Sport Package, 6-Speed Manual


Member: Michael Levine

BMW CCA Number: 523176

Member since: 2016

Email Address: michael.a.levine2@gmail.com

Car Info: 2016, 328i Sedan SA S, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 09/10/2016

Factory Options:


Member: Mac McConnell

BMW CCA Number: 407353

Member since: 2008

Email Address: Macilona@satx.rr.com

Car Info: 1996, 318ti, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 08/15/2008

Factory Options: Base model...no sunroof

Modifications: Downing Atlanta supercharger for M44, Technique Tuning stage 2 software,H&R springs and Bilstein shocks, strut tower brace and x-brace, rear strong strut, cross drilled front M3 brakes, lightweight flywheel with M3 clutch, short shifter kit with ZHP knob, Euro M Tech steering wheel, DS1 wheels, E30 limited slip diff with cooling fin cover, Euro halo headlights, K&N cold air intake, Solo Performance exhaust.

Member: Jeff Gifford

BMW CCA Number: 456067

Member since: 2011

Email Address: Jeff@JeffGifford.com

Car Info: 1990, 325i, Silver

Purchased Car: 07/01/2013

Factory Options: Power Windows, Automatic Transmission

Modifications: Eibach Springs, Bilstien Sport Shocks, Dunlap Dizerra Z2 street/track tires, ice cold R134 A/C, rebuilt clutch, driveshaft, LDS rear & 5 speed trans, new radiator, shift lever, steering rack, lightweight flywheel, swaybars, control arms, adjustable front camber plates, Alpine Stereo w/ Bluetooth, hands free phone, streaming, satellite, radio & CD. New paint...completely disassembled, taken back to bare metal- Looks Like New!

Member: Robin Schroeder

BMW CCA Number: 306502

Member since: 2001

Email Address: rbnschrdr1981@gmail.com

Car Info: 2013, 335i, Mineral Gray

Purchased Car: 4/2012

Factory Options: Dynamic Handling, Technology, Premium Packages, M-Sport Line, Sport Auto, Harman-Kardon Audio

Modifications: Dinan Suspension, Dinan Shockware, Dinantronics ECU swap, M-Performance CF Interior, Mirror Caps, Spoiler, Exhaust, Locking Differential, Ceramic Tint, StealthAuto bulbs, Front clip reflector delete, HRE FF01 Wheels

Member: Joe Martinez

BMW CCA Number: 481960

Member since: 2013

Email Address: joevw1990@earthlink.net

Car Info: 2011, 335is, white

Purchased Car: 12/30/2011

Factory Options:


Member: Sean Briggs

BMW CCA Number: 504122

Member since: 2015

Email Address: seanbriggs29@gmail.com

Car Info: 2002, 325xi, Titansilber

Purchased Car: 05/15/2015

Factory Options: ZPP-Premium Package

Modifications: Beyern Mesh Wheels, Powerflex Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings, Bilstein Sport Shocks and Struts, GROM Audio Bluetooth Kit

Member: Fabian Aspeitia

BMW CCA Number: 502225

Member since: 2015

Email Address: kode302@yahoo.com

Car Info: 1998, 328is, Hellrot

Purchased Car: 10/2013

Factory Options: Winter package, sport package

Modifications: Fan delete, Stewart water pump,x-brace, polyurethane bushings, m3 rear sway bar, control arms, m3 exhaust, obd2 software flash.

Member: Kun Lee

BMW CCA Number: 492115

Member since: 2014

Car Info: 2014, 335i, Mineral Grey

Purchased Car: 07/2014

Factory Options: M Sport, Premium, Technology, Drivers Assistance

Modifications: None yet...

Member: Cass Wheeler

BMW CCA Number: 492780

Member since: 2014

Email Address: cass@casswheeler.com

Car Info: 2011, 335i, black

Purchased Car: 05/11/2014

Factory Options: Sports Package


Member: Dave Morgan

BMW CCA Number: 497127

Member since: 2014

Email Address: bullettooth60@gmail.com

Car Info: 1996, 328is,

Purchased Car: 11/01/2013

Factory Options:

Modifications: Stage 2 clutch, stays 2 flywheel

Member: Steve Richmond

BMW CCA Number: 494242

Member since: 2014

Email Address: srichmond3013@gmail.com

Car Info: 2007, 335i Coupe E92, Spacegray Metal

Purchased Car: 08/01/2014

Factory Options: Sports package; Performance package; Comfort access

Modifications: None as of yet

Member: Daniel Briggs

BMW CCA Number: 298222

Member since: 2001

Email Address: dmbriggs@yahoo.com

Car Info: 1989, 325iC, Cirrus Blue

Purchased Car: 12/08/13

Factory Options:

Modifications: BBS RS style wheels, Conforti chip, Scorpion exhaust, Nardi steering wheel and shift knob, Coco Mats, Racing Dynamics strut brace, Bavarian Autosport undercarriage brace.

Member: Benjamin Brown

BMW CCA Number: 485251

Member since: 2013

Email Address: Ben.Brown.E368@gmail.com

Car Info: 1996, 318i, Silver

Purchased Car: 11/8/2013

Factory Options:

Modifications: H&R Springs/Koni Shocks

Member: John Hermann

BMW CCA Number: 442091

Member since: 2011

Email Address: Bageldoc@gmail.com

Car Info: 1992, 325is, Black and Blue

Purchased Car: 06/07/2013

Factory Options: None

Modifications: Roll cage

Member: Rob Brown

BMW CCA Number: 435549

Member since: 2010

Email Address: rbrown649@gmail.com

Car Info: 2006, 330Ci, White

Purchased Car: 01/15/2011

Factory Options: Sport Package, Automatic Transmission, Heated Front Seats, Xenon Headlights, BMW Assist w/Bluetooth, Harmon-Kardon Sound System

Modifications: Cerwin Vega Subwoofer

Member: Jeff Everton

BMW CCA Number: 444541

Member since: 2013

Email Address: jeverton@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2010, 335i, Space Grey

Purchased Car: 04/30/2013

Factory Options: Convenience Package, Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, M Sport Package, Navigation, Park Distance Control, BMW Assist with Bluetooth, Heated Seats, Comfort Access Keyless Entry, 19" M Double Spoke 225 with Run Flats


Member: John & Linda Price

BMW CCA Number: 471152

Member since: 2012

Email Address: johnprice@suddenlink.net

Car Info: 2006, 330Ci, Cobalt Blue

Purchased Car: 11/30/2012

Factory Options:


Member: Robert Neigert

BMW CCA Number: 450261

Member since: 2011

Email Address: robert.neigert@gmail.com

Car Info: 2008, 335i, Silver

Purchased Car: 06/17/2011

Factory Options: Fully Loaded

Modifications: Tinted Windows (By Sunbusters)

Member: Sean Engelke

BMW CCA Number: 468331

Member since: 2012

Email Address: sengelke@gmail.com

Car Info: 2004, 330Ci, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 11/15/2005

Factory Options: Premium & Sport Packages, 18" Style 71 wheels, SMG (SSG) transmission

Modifications: Dinan modifications: Strut Tower Brace, High Flow Air Box, Throttle Body, Stage 2 to (now) 3 Software

Member: Luis Torres

BMW CCA Number: 466572

Member since: 2012

Car Info: 2004, 330CiC, Silver

Purchased Car: 05/15/2011

Factory Options:


Member: J P Burd

BMW CCA Number: 461379

Member since: 2011

Email Address: jpburd74@gmail.com

Car Info: 2008, 328i, Crimson Red!Authorize Email Yes

Purchased Car: 01/01/2011

Factory Options: Sport and Premium packages

Modifications: 18" 162 Style wheels, M-Rear spoiler lip, LED angel eyes, smoked blackline LED tailights, interior LED lighting, THULE low profile aero roof rack.

Member: Chris Spencer

BMW CCA Number: 459738

Member since: 2012

Car Info: 2011, 335i, Silver

Purchased Car: 08/01/2011

Factory Options: M-Sport, 6MT

Modifications: A few Burger Tuning bits

Member: Steven Stamps

BMW CCA Number: 400344

Member since: 2008

Car Info: 2012, 335i, Mineral Grey

Purchased Car: 02/17/2012

Factory Options: 6MT, M Adaptive Suspension, 19" wheels, Technology Package, BMW Assist, BMW Apps


Member: Dennis Thompson

BMW CCA Number: 460934

Member since: 2012

Email Address: dennispaulthompson@gmail.com

Car Info: 2011, 335i, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 01/17/2012

Factory Options: Sport Package, Sport Steering Wheel, M3 Wheels, Carbon Fiber Interior, Mirrors and Rear Deck Spoiler


Member: Joe Sylvester

BMW CCA Number: 451502

Member since: 2011

Email Address: beachhound01@yahoo.com

Car Info: 1993, 325I, Grey

Purchased Car: 07/30/2008

Factory Options: Standard package with Automatic Transmission.

Modifications: M3 front and rear bumper with heated M mirrors, MOMO steering wheel W/matching shifter, set of black M6 5 spoke wheels and a set of 1 series wheels for the winter, H&R M springs all around with upgraded sports shocks, Depo 6000K angel eye headlights and LED taillights for safety, LED interior as well as LED licence plate lighting,EBach ajustable lower contol arms. More to come.....

Member: Damien Foletto

BMW CCA Number: 452650

Member since: 2011

Email Address: mr.puuk@gmail.com

Car Info: 2004, 330i, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 04/21/2011

Factory Options: ZHP


Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1990, 325ic, Black

Purchased Car: 04/10/08

Factory Options: Heated sport seats

Modifications: none

Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1982, 320is, alpine white

Purchased Car: 09/05/05

Factory Options: Recaro seats, BBS wheels, Sport steering wheel

Modifications: none

Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1988, 325ic, polaris silver

Purchased Car: 05/20/04

Factory Options: Heated sport seats

Modifications: Rebuilt 4 Speed Auto Transmission with higher 4th gear ratio

Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1981, 320is, polaris silver

Purchased Car: 03/10/10

Factory Options: Recaro seats, Sport steering wheel, BBS wheels, 91,000 original miles

Modifications: none

Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1983, 320is, Bronze Beige

Purchased Car: 05/25/05

Factory Options: Recaro seats, Sport steering wheel, BBS wheels

Modifications: none, none, 38,000 mile original paint

Member: Marvin Merriweather

BMW CCA Number: 443376

Member since: 2010

Email Address: mmerri5104@aol.com

Car Info: 1987, 325ic, Bronzit

Purchased Car: 05/10/04

Factory Options: 5 speed , A/C

Modifications: none, 58,000 mile original

Member: Paul Goldfine

BMW CCA Number: 93578

Member since: 1991

Email Address: goldfinep@gmail.com

Car Info: 1991, 318iS, Diamantschwarz

Purchased Car: 08/03/2009

Factory Options: Black leatherette

Modifications: Euro Hella lights. M42 out of a 10/95 E36 318ti. Lowered 1.5". Bilstein Touring shocks with a set Tokico lowering springs. E46 short shift kit. Illuminated M shifter knob.

Member: Shon Hill

BMW CCA Number: 452190

Member since: 2011

Email Address: Shon.hill@rackspace.com

Car Info: 2007, 335i, Black Sapphire

Purchased Car:

Factory Options: Premium - Sport - i-drive

Modifications: M3 Front and Spoiler - Matte Black Badged - Matte Black Kidney - LED rear plate -MTech V3 AE's and D1S - Corner delete(coded) - AE's as DRL's (coded) - H&R sport- JB4 - DCI - AR DP's - AFE Air Scoops - Greddy BOV/Chargepipe - Spearco FMIC - Stoptech drilled rotors and back performance calipers

Member: Thomas Goodwin

BMW CCA Number: 93580

Member since: 1991

Email Address: tomgoodwin2@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2006, 330i, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 05/01/2010

Factory Options: Brushed Aluminum trim, Xenon Headlights, Automatic Climate Control, Ambiance Lighting, BMW Assist w/Bluetooth System, Logic 7 sound system, Multi-function steering wheel, Moonroof, Power front seats, Rain sensor and auto headlights, Adaptive light control, Dynamic Cruise Control, BMW Assist software, Satellite radio, Battery switch

Modifications: none

Member: Sean Crawford

BMW CCA Number: 437164

Member since: 2010

Email Address: seancrawford78@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2011, 335i, Gray

Purchased Car: 06/01/2010

Factory Options: 6 Speed Man, Sport Package

Modifications: None

Member: Blake McIntyre

BMW CCA Number: 430667

Member since: 2010

Email Address: bmcintyre001@gmail.com

Car Info: 1988, 325i, Non stock Red

Purchased Car: 08/15/2008

Factory Options:

Modifications: Rust, dents, scratches, dry rot

Member: T'erre Williams

BMW CCA Number: 433948

Member since: 2010

Email Address: jacquesterre@gmail.com

Car Info: 1999, 328iC, Schwarz II

Purchased Car: 03/15/2010

Factory Options: Premuim Harman Kardon Stereo, 5-speed, 6 CD disc changer, wood trim, BMW alarm system, on-board computer, All Leather upholstery, rollover protection system.

Modifications: staggered E36 M Double Spoke II wheels |wrapped in Dunlop DZ101's

Member: Brian Cook

BMW CCA Number: 428550

Member since: 2009

Car Info: 2007, 328i, White

Purchased Car: 10/01/2009

Factory Options:


Member: Jeff and Gerry Franklin

BMW CCA Number: 406713

Member since: 2008

Email Address: jgf79@aol.com

Car Info: 2008, 328i, Arctic metallic

Purchased Car: 07/15/2008

Factory Options: Premium package, Sport package, Terra leather interior


Member: Donald Sloan

BMW CCA Number: 412639

Member since: 1989

Email Address: lsloan8@austin.rr.com

Car Info: 2004, 330ci zhp, Imola red

Purchased Car: 09/01/2008

Factory Options: ZHP,HK stereo

Modifications: wheels,Keenwood head unit

Member: Lisa Foight

BMW CCA Number: 423326

Member since: 2009

Email Address: foight@gmail.com

Car Info: 2010, 335ci, Barbera Red Met

Purchased Car: 10/2010

Factory Options: Everything but NAV


Member: Brad Thompson

BMW CCA Number: 340171

Member since: 2004

Car Info: 2010, 335d, Space Gray

Purchased Car: 12/05/2009

Factory Options: Space Gray / Chestnut leather / Aluminum trim / Sports pkg / Premium pkg / 18" wheels / Nav + iDrive / iPhone


Member: Charles Brent II

BMW CCA Number: 428754

Member since: 2009

Email Address: charles.brent@gmail.com

Car Info: 2006, 330i, Red

Purchased Car: 12/18/2009

Factory Options:


Member: Chris Basse

BMW CCA Number: 338893

Member since: 1988

Email Address: chrisbasse@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2007, 335ic, Sapphire Black

Purchased Car: 10/20/2007

Factory Options: All options except the Sports Package

This was one of the first ten cars to be picked up at the BMW Welt when it opened in October of 2007.

We were invited by BMWNA for the BMW Welt opening ceremonies.


Member: Nathan Fong

BMW CCA Number:

Member since: 2001

Email Address: z3power65@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2007, 335i , Monaco

Purchased Car: 06/20/2009

Factory Options: Sports package, Premium Package, Logic7 & Satellite radio.

Traded in our ol' 2001 330i for this NEW"er" sedan. We purchased it from Robert Carver at The BMW Center of San Antonio. This is the second car from him and the dealership. Behind our 335i is my 2000 Z3-2.8L roadster under wraps. The 335i is our new daily driver and what can I say, but WOW, it has some serious kick in the pants power to the ground.

I may want to go out and race her - legally of course. ;)

Modifications: None at this time.

Planning for new brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, sway-bar, shocks, shock tower brace and of course tires (once the RFT goes flat or bald).

Member: Bill Murphy

BMW CCA Number: 192284

Member since: 2001

Email Address: seatac98@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2002, 330CI COUPE, Titanium silver

Purchased Car: 02/20/2002

Factory Options: Steptronic transmission, premium package, sports package, cold weather package, xenon lights, Harmon Kardon stereo system, fold-down rear seats

Modifications: Dinan Stage III, Stone Gard clear bra

Member: Tad Goodwin

BMW CCA Number: 417102

Member since: 2009

Email Address: tadgoodwin@gmail.com

Car Info: 2003, 330i, Black Sapphire

Purchased Car: 10/30/2005

Factory Options: Sport Package, Premium Package, 18" M-Sport Wheels, Auto

Modifications: None.

Member: Mike del Portillo, Jr

BMW CCA Number: 396951

Member since: 2007

Email Address: mdelportillojr@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2004, 330ci, Grey

Purchased Car: 09/2007

Factory Options: Lux. and perfor. pkg. Don't think I have sport.

Modifications: Cupholder (factory)

Member: Billy House

BMW CCA Number: 413424

Member since: 2008

Email Address: billynedhouse@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2009, 335I Sedan, White

Purchased Car: 12/14/2008

Factory Options: Chestnut/Black interior, Premium, Sport, Cold, Comfort Access

Modifications: None

Member: Brian Hall

BMW CCA Number: 413590

Member since: 2009

Email Address: brian.hall09@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 1982, 320i, Schwartz

Purchased Car: 02/17/2001

Factory Options: 1766 cc engine, 5-speed, Front disc/rear drum brakes, Sun roof, S package, Recaro racing seats, Front fog lights, Air conditioning, Sport Steering wheel

Modifications: 8 spkr stereo system including 6 4"x6" speakers and a pair of tweeters , Burlwood shifter knob, Kill switch , Sony stereo deck , and many more to come!

Member: Don Heller

BMW CCA Number: 411340

Member since: 2008

Email Address: donrheller@me.com

Car Info: 2006, 325i, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 07/13/2007

Factory Options: Premium Package, Xenon Headlights

Modifications: None YET!

Member: James Allison

BMW CCA Number: 411604

Member since: 2008

Email Address: bigjae1976@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2004, 330Ci, Mystic Blue

Purchased Car: 09/09/2003

Factory Options: Bi-Xenons headlights, Sunroof, Sports Package

Modifications: Active Autowerke Stage 2 twinscrew supercharger, headers, cams, and water/alcohol injection. Bilstein PSS coilovers, UUC Motorwerks Sway bars, busings, and tranny mounts, TMS adj rear control arms, Meyle front control arms, UUC SSK+DSSR, UUC/Wilwood 4 wheel BBK, UUC steel clutch line, Stewart water pump, Mtech II package, ACS Mtech rear diffuser, M3 mirrors, lip spoiler, and steering wheel. Audio system by Eclipse, Audiocontrol, Sundown, OZ, and Ascendant.

Member: Tor Taklo

BMW CCA Number: 372241

Member since: 2004

Email Address: t.taklo@shell.com

Car Info: 1989, 325is, red / black interior

Purchased Car: May-2008

Factory Options: Sport Package

Modifications: High compression pistons / Schrick 284 degree camshaft / Custom headers / High flow muffler / Bosch fuel injectors 17 lb. / Custom performance DME chip / High flow cone air filter / Getrag 5 speed manual transmission / Getrag short throw shift kit with Momo shift knob / 16” Borbet polished aluminum rims / 205/50-16 Nexen 2000 tires / Front and Rear strut bars / Bavarian Autosport performance springs 1-1/4” lower / Bilstein Sport shock absorbers / Eibach swaybar kit - 20mm front, 16mm rear, adjustable Meyle HD rear shock mounts / Vorschlag camber plate kit with perches / Treehouse Racing Control Arm Bushing Set / Limited slip differential with 4.10 ratio

Member: Robert Giles

BMW CCA Number: 407613

Member since: 2008

Email Address: tejas-chapter@foo.daihatsu.org

Car Info: 2008, E92 335i, Space Gray

Purchased Car: 11/21/2007

Factory Options: ZPP, ZSP, 322, 415, 507, 609, 6FL, 653 , 6MT

Modifications: Not "modifications", really: ZHP shift knob, Euro rear fog switch

Member: Ruby Bowen

BMW CCA Number: A373863

Member since: 2006

Email Address: babyqueen1223@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2006, 330i, Monaco Blue

Purchased Car: 04/20/2005

Factory Options: Loaded!

Modifications: NA

Member: Steve Dale

BMW CCA Number: 401611

Member since: 2008

Email Address: stevedal@gmail.com

Car Info: 2008, 335i, Graphite

Purchased Car: 04/24/2008

Factory Options: Cold Weather Package, Premium Package, Sport Package, Sports leather steering wheel with paddle shifters, STEPTRONIC automatic transmission, Comfort Access with Comfort Loading and Open, Navigation system, HD radio, iPod and USB adapter, Park Distance Control (rear only)


Member: Chris Freeman

BMW CCA Number: 300692

Member since: 2002

Email Address: jcfreeopt@netzero.net

Car Info: 2004, 330ci, Saphire Black

Purchased Car: 07/28/2004

Factory Options: Sport Package, sunroof, Leather Interior, HID Bi-Xenon headlamps

Modifications: Active Autowerke Software & Gen. 3 High Flow Exhaust, TMS underdrive pulleys, AFE Cold air intake, Strut Tower Brace, 18" Rims, rear lip spoiler, BMW M short shift knob, M Sport polished aluminum oil cap, Hotchkis tubular sport sway bars and clear front bumper reflectors

Member: Joseph Murray

BMW CCA Number: 148837

Member since: 1998

Car Info: 2003, 330i, Grey/Silver

Purchased Car: 12/15/2003

Factory Options: ZHP package, Sirrus Sat Radio, Zenon lights, 6 speed trans, 3M Clear Bra,

Modifications: M Motorsports strut tower brace, 19" TSW Wheels

Member: Stuart Walsh

BMW CCA Number: 397171

Member since: 2007

Email Address: swalsh152@hotmail.com

Car Info: 1998, 323is, Avus Blue

Purchased Car: 11/14/2000

Factory Options: 5-speed, Gray Leather, Sun roof, Sport Package, Premuim HK Stereo.

Modifications: K&N air filter. Magnaflow "flow-cat" & DTM Exhaust.

Member: Don Yule

BMW CCA Number: 394951

Member since: 2007

Email Address: dyule@austin.rr.com

Car Info: 2008, 335i CV, Platinum Bronze

Purchased Car: 12/01/2007

Factory Options: Platinum Bronze Metallic, Cream Beige Dakota Leather , Dark Burl Walnut wood trim, Cold Weather Package, Premium Package, Sport Package, Sports leather steering wheel with paddle shifters, STEPTRONIC automatic transmission, Comfort Access with Comfort Loading and Open, Navigation system, HD radio, iPod and USB adapter , iPod� Interface Adapter , Park Distance Control (rear only) , 19" Star Spoke 199 Wheel Set , Illuminated Door Sills, Color Keyed Carpeted Floor Mats, All Weather Rubber Floor Mats

Modifications: None

Member: Maury Thornton

BMW CCA Number: 389080

Member since: 2007

Email Address:thornton2216@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2004, 330CiC, Silver Gray

Purchased Car: 08/08/2007

Factory Options: ZPP Premium Package, ZSP Sports Package, 205 Steptronic, Silver Gray, Gray Leather

Modifications: None

Member: Jeff Kirk

BMW CCA Number: 193477

Member since: 2007

Email Address: jeff.kirk@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2007, 335i coupe, black

Purchased Car: 07/15/2007

Factory Options: premium package; sport package;rear window shade; split rear seat; aero package(spoiler, sport bumpers), comfort access, bluetooth, sirius radio, ipod adapter, european delivery; NO i-DRIVE !

Modifications: None

Member: Alex Koreneff

BMW CCA Number: 308381

Member since: 2003

Car Info: 2004, 330ci coupe, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 06/01/2003

Factory Options: Titanium Silver Metallic paint, Grey Leather Interior , 6 speed Manual Transmission, Sport Package (Sport Seats, Sport Wheels, Clear Turn Markers), Lumbar Support, Navigation , Heated Seats, Euro Delivery Package (Trauma Kit and Box, Warning Triangle)

Modifications: Stereo (Aux In, Amp, Subs, Front Tweeters. Rear speakers disconnected), M3 Front Strut Tower Bar, Steel Braided Brake Lines , Schroth 4-Point Harness (Driver Only), Black Leather Shift Boot , Non-HK tweeter covers/door handles, Valentine 1 Hard Wired with Remote Display, European Aspherical Exterior Mirrors , Convex Interior Mirror, BMW Alarm

Member: Abid Jindani

BMW CCA Number: 379303

Member since: 2007

Email Address: abidjindani@gmail.com

Car Info: 2007, 328i Coupe, Crimson Red

Purchased Car: 02/07/2007

Factory Options: Sports Package, Premium Package, Heated Front Seats, Comfort Access, Navigation with iDrive, Manual Transmission

Modifications: Exhaust Tips, Aluminum Pedals, M Short Shift Knob

Member: Mike Krup

BMW CCA Number: 297476

Member since: 2002

Email Address: zdriver91@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2002, 330Ci, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 05/2004

Factory Options: Sport and Premium packages. Zenon headlamps and Harmon Kardon Stereo.

Modifications: AC Schnitzer Strut Tower Brace. Blue signal lamps and side markers. Color keyed front bumper relector replacements.

Member: John Trevey

BMW CCA Number: 111049

Member since: 1993

Car Info: 1996, 328is, Black

Purchased Car: 04/04/1997

Factory Options: 17" M3 Lightweight Wheels

Modifications: Various Brake and Suspension upgrades. Clip-in harnesses and fire extinguisher. Winner, 2002 Big Bend Open Road Race (100 mph class).

Member: Alan Miller

BMW CCA Number: 349900

Member since: 2005

Email Address: alanmiller@earthlink.net

Car Info: 1994, 325is, Helrot Red

Purchased Car: 03/??/05

Factory Options:

Modifications: See Metric Mechanic Ad & Video. On going as I have time

Member: Robert Beuerlein

BMW CCA Number: 378660

Member since: 2007

Email Address: bob.beuerlein@us.army.mil

Car Info: 2006, 330i, Artic metallic

Purchased Car: 12/27/2006

Factory Options: Sport, Premimum


Member: Matt Ta

BMW CCA Number: 371946

Member since: 2006

Email Address: matthew9000_2000@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2002, 325i, TiAg

Purchased Car: 06/01/2006

Factory Options: Xenon headlights, ZPP (Premium Package), HK Audio, Heated front seats, Steptronic, Fold Down rear seats, ZSP (Sport Package), Leather seats

Modifications: 19" DPES RO7VS, 3m tape moldings, 8000k xenons d2s bulbs, clears front and side markers, 8000k Angel eyes, DRL on, Super clear xenon glass, BMW factory alarm, Passport x50, EE rear LED rears, 35% 3m color stable tint, LED bulbs for lic. plate, CF Bmw roundels, Cf trunk handle, Cf m3 lip, CF kidneys ( coming in soon ), Cf window trim

Member: Daniel Espinosa

BMW CCA Number: 345192

Member since: 2005

Email Address: despinosa@satx.rr.com

Car Info: 1995, 325iC Convertible, White

Purchased Car: 2001

1st Place 2005 Tejas Chapter Concours/Clean Car

Factory Options: Sport Package, Roll Over Protection, AutoTransmission, 6 CD with 200 Watt Amplifier, All Leather upholstery, BMW Telephone, BMW Alarm, Wood Trim, ELE. convertible Top

Modifications: Conforti Performance Chip, European M3 intake Snorkel, M-Tech Rear Diffuser, M-Tech Trim Molding, M- Tech Brake / Gas/ Rest/ Paddles, M- Tech Front Bumper Lip Spoiler, M- Tech 5 Rims, Chrome Gauge Rings, chrome Exhaust Tips, Sliverstar high Performance Lighting

Member: Ken Carson

BMW CCA Number: 369408

Member since: 2006

Email Address: kwc5776@yahoo.com

Car Info: 1993, 325iC, Schwartz II

Purchased Car: 06/16/2006

Factory Options:

Modifications: None. Completely stock.

Member: Michael Baker

BMW CCA Number: 351752

Member since: 2005

Email Address: mrbaker1@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 1996, 328is, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 06/01/2005

Factory Options: Luxury Package, Auto..yes, Auto.

Modifications: New Eibach Plus suspension, Front Strut Brace, X Brace, Alutec 17" Rims with Yokohama Tires, Shark Software, Clears all the way around, Alpine HU, 2 10" JL Subs in rear mounted deck box in trunk, ADS Tweets, MBQuart Pro Mids, M3 Cat Back Muffler,

Member: Les Cartwright

BMW CCA Number: 271910

Member since: 2001

Email Address: lescartwright@juno.com

Car Info: 1998, 3231 Convertibl, Jet Black

Purchased Car: 3/27/2006

Factory Options: Premium package (leather seats, fog lights etc).

Modifications: "Bling" Helo 17" wheels - to be changed for BMW wheels asap!

Member: Sean McElheny

BMW CCA Number: 332095

Member since: 2004

Car Info: 2001, 330i, Jet Black

Purchased Car: 04/5/2004

Factory Options: Sport Pkg, Premium Pkg, M-Aero, Step, Xenon

Modifications: Chromium Predator Angel-Eyes, Hamaan Shift knob, M3 Dead Pedal, M3 Lip Spoiler, Alpine/Focal/Image Dynamics/ZED Sound. Hardwired Passport x50 radar.

Member: Jack Laumer

BMW CCA Number: 33910

Member since: 1978

Email Address: jacklaumer@yahoo.com

Car Info: 1994, 325ic, schwartz

Purchased Car: 01/12/02

Factory Options: rollover protection system,sports pacxkage 2, on-board computer

Modifications: 17" E36 '97 M3 wheels, M roadster short shifter, bilstein HD shocks, '95 M3 muffler

Member: Sridhar Kamma

BMW CCA Number: 360500

Member since: 2006

Email Address: kams_bmw@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 2006, 325i, Titanium Silver

Purchased Car: 12/31/2005

Factory Options: Premium package, Sports Package, BMW Assist

Modifications: None

Member: Alberto Arroyo

BMW CCA Number: 357752

Member since: 2005

Email Address: yoboricua@satx.rr.com

Car Info: 1991 318i/S50/, Metallic Gray

Purchased Car: 06/2001

Factory Options: 1991 E30 BMW 318i chassis with 180,000 + miles. Odometer broke at 165,437 miles two years ago.

Modifications: S50 1995 M3 engine with 96,000 miles with OBDI electronics, 94 E36 325i transmission , 85 E30 2.93 limited slip differential , 95 E36 325i driveshaft provided by Zionsville Autosport , 98 E36 318ti rear suspension , 97 E36 M3 front suspension , E36 M3 Radiator , Tree House Racing Eyeball Bushing to accomodate exhaust , Tree House S50/M50 conversion harness , Ireland Engineering Neoprene motor mounts and tranny mounts , 17 inch Motorsport rims with 225/45R17s , Turner Motor Sports Chip , Zionsville Autosprts custom made exhaust, 320i smaller Brake booster, A/C Hoses, Euro Fan Clutch

Member: James Millard

BMW CCA Number: 327061

Member since: 2004

Email Address: justjames_jp@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2000, 328Ci, Black/Tan

Purchased Car: 12/99

Factory Options: Premium, Sports, rain sensor wipers, Nav display, sun roof,

Modifications: UUC sway bars, short shifter, H&R springs,

Member: Robert Schobel

BMW CCA Number: 271384

Member since: 2001

Email Address: Robs68@sbcglobal.net

Car Info: 1997, 328is, Cosmos Black

How long owned: 2 years

Factory Options: Cosmos black, Black interior, 2door, 5speed, sport package.

Modifications: Cosmos Racing CAI, UUC BigBoy Clutch Stop, UUC Underdrive Pulleys, UUC Delrin Shift Carrier Bushings, UUC SS Clutch Line, UUC TME Red, MZ3 SSK, Bilstein Sport Shocks, Eibach Prokit Springs, 96+ M3 Offset Strut Mounts(swapped), 96+ M3 Rear Sway Bar, 96+ M3 Control Arms, 96+ M3 Control Arm Bushings, E46 M3 RSMs, X-Brace, Fan Delete.

Member: Eric Chang

BMW CCA Number: 344584

Member since: 2003

Car Info: 2003, 330i, Titanium Silver

How long owned: 2 Years

Factory Options: Sports Package; Black Leather Seats; 18" MV Spoke Wheels; Sunroof; Steptronic Automatic; Xenon Headlights.

Modifications: Dinan Cold Air Intake; Dinan Performance Chip Stage I and II; Dinan Transmission Chip; Phosphyre Halos (Angel Eyes); Höen Xenonmatch Halogen Fog Lights; Euro-spec Air Ducts in M-Aero Bumper.

Member: Hugh Fisher

BMW CCA Number: 2573

Member since: 1972

Email Address: oldsfguy@hotmail.com

Car Info: 1987, 325is, Zinnobarrot

How long owned: since new

Factory Options: Leather (Pearl), sunroof, cassette holder center console.

Modifications: Suspension Techniques springs, Racing Dyanamics rear apron, Hella low beam halogen lights,leather shift boot & knob and Z3 short shift lever, 16"x7" BBS RG-F Gold Wheels, 205/50ZR16 BF Goodrich G-Force Tires, Bilstein Sport Shocks, New Control arms W/M3 bushings.

Member: Steve Heyman

BMW CCA Number: 193439

Member since: 2001

Email Address: scheyman@yahoo.com

Car Info: 2004, 330cic, Mystic Blue

How long owned: 6 months

Factory Options: sand leather, black top, Sport pkg, premium pkg, bi-xenon adaptive headlights.

Modifications: Not much - tinted windows, Sirius sat radio tuner, Valentine 1 and lots of Zaino!

Member: Ralf Kaul

BMW CCA Number: 314174

Member since: 2003

Email Address: bmw_2k4@hotmail.com

Car Info: 2004, 330 Ci Coupe, Alpine White

How long owned: since July 2003

Factory Options: Premium Package; Sport Package; Steptronic Automatic; 18" Alloy Style 71 - 225/40ZR18(F)and 255/35ZR18(R)Michelin Pilot Sports

Modifications: Matching full-size spare, ///M3 Lip Spoiler, ///M3 Strut Bar, painted reflectors (front & rear), key-hole cover, black-out kidney grills, euro storage tray

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