Tejas Chapter
2018-2019 Officer Nominations

Your name and membership number are required to validate your nomination. In the boxes below, write in a name for each officer position. Nominees must be current BMW CCA members to be eligible.
You may, and are encouraged to, nominate yourself for a position!

This is a nomination form, not an election ballot. If the name of the person you want to nominate for an office is already listed for that office, do not nominate them again!

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Names of members already nominated are shown. Names with * indicate current officer.

Josh Butts
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Vice President:
Carlo Alvarez
Ken Carson
Paul Goldfine
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Carlo Alvarez
Raquel Robles
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Driving Events:
Jeff Gifford
David Morrow
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Paul Goldfine
David Morrow
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Carlo Alvarez
Raquel Robles*
Phil Nybro
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